Pro-Care Day Care Accounting Software

Pro-Care Daycare Accounting Software is a very useful software program primarily used in daycare centers. It has numerous functions that enable the owner or director of a daycare to be more efficient and organized when running their business.I have personally used the Pro-Care day care accounting software package and have loved it. It’s so easy to use especially for those of us who don’t exactly have the greatest computer skills. I found it really beneficial when dealing with large amounts of children and families, it make my life so much easier.With that in mind, I will discuss some of the functions regarding Pro-Care Day Care Accounting Software. It has some really neat functions that can really organize your life.Family Data- This is an area where all your information is organized regarding children and families. It contains personal information, and immunizations. It’s really a personal phonebook for your day care center.Family Accounting- This is where you organize and keep track of all your tuition charges and payments, co pays. You are able to record bills for parents and generate receipts.Attendance Tracker- Now this is my favorite part. With some many children coming in and out of your childcare it was often hard to keep accurate attendance records. Someone was always forgetting to write down what time a child arrived. The attendance tracker comes with a Pro-Care Time Clock. This time clock is placed in an area where parents can log in their child’s name. This information is then transmitted to your computer and records the child’s entry and departure. Very neat function, it made my life a whole lot easier.Employee Data and Payroll- The above mentioned Pro-Care time clock also works great for employees. The same idea relates to employees. When they arrive for work they punch in their code and they are automatically ready to start. Wondering about how to calculate paychecks? Well, Pro-Care Day Care Accounting Software has made that really easy too. Pro-Care has a quick calculate software feature that easily figures out taxes taken out of payroll. Again, Pro-Care is trying to make everything very easy on the business owner.Those are a couple of key features with Pro-Care Day Care Accounting Software. I think it’s a great product and certainly has achieved its idea of making the day care providers life much easier.Blessings,Christine [email protected] free to pass this information provided all links remain intact.(C) CG Groth Inc.

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